Processing Overview

We utilize top of the line equipment, starting material and solvents in the production of our concentrates. Our process begins in a temperature controlled facility with the loading of high quality Cannabis flower into a closed loop system made by Subzero Scientific. We then use pharmaceutical grade n-butane to extract the medicinal resin glands from the fibrous plant material. After a broad range of paraffin reduction protocols we ensure our products are purged of residual hydrocarbons by the introduction of Organic cane spirits before our thermal energy application technique.

Extraction Services

  • We perform the exact techniques used in the production of our own concentrates for licensed OMMP growers at a standardized and agreeable rate. Ask about our services today!
  • If you own/operate a licensed dispensary this service is appealing to you, as it will give you incentive to refer growers to us for extraction. This can ensure the uniformity of product quality while increasing strain options on your shelves.


Our extraction process preserves the available cannabinoids found in the staring material. our standard Absolute Amber is primarily concentrated THCa or the acid form of tetrahydrocannabinol. THCa is a predominately non-psychoactive form of THC.

Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that removes a carbon atom and releases carbon dioxide (CO2) from the carbon chain. Usually, decarboxylation refers to the activation of THC by conversion of THCa to THC with heat, aging or other forms of degradation.

To create decarboxylated amber or high Potency cannabis oil, we take our purified, solid concentrate and apply heat at 240 degrees for a duration to ensure 99% decarboxylation of cannabinoids has been reached.

High Potency cannabis oil is a great addition to any chronic or life threatening disease treatments.